Hi, I'm Sara!

Hi, I’m Sara!

Sara Barns, Owner

After a while, finding that nothing more happened, she decided on going into the garden at once; but, alas for poor Alice! when she got to the door, she found she had forgotten the little golden key, and when she went back to the table for it, she found she could not possibly reach it.

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This homepage is a good example of a basic landing page that sells a specific purpose, product, person, or service. The widget you’re looking at now is the “mission statement” widget. Use it to boldly declare what you’re all about!

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Helpful Tips ➤ September 13, 2023

Going Beyond The Heritage Months

One Love Cultured Kids’ mission is to amplify the existing diverse voices in our American story. We work with educators to promote inclusivity and understanding in the classroom. As a new school year begins and…

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Blog ➤ September 10, 2023

September 11 – Do WE Talk To Our Kids?

September 11 holds emotional significance for many individuals, including myself. As a university student, I witnessed the heartbreaking events unfold from my campus, with a striking view of downtown Manhattan. I wanted to share this…

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