Our Team

Our Team

We possess a strong affinity for stories! This is our very own tale.
One Love Cultured Kids (One Love) originated as a preschool classroom project, with a mom commemorated Black History Month with her son’s peers. This mom was One Love Cultured Kids founder, Kay Richards; the preschool at the center of this tale was none other than Montclair Community PreK (MCPK). The One Love Project burgeoned out of the dedication of Kay and MCPK teachers volunteering their time and efforts to devise comprehensive school-wide activities and educational resources. And now, One Love Cultured Kids has blossomed into what it is today. At present, we are collaborating with schools, organizations, educators, and parents, all united in sharing our distinctly rich and diverse American narrative.

Meet The Team

Kay Richards, Founder

Kay emigrated to the United States from Jamaica, with her family as a teen. She has always loved STEAM and as such holds Bachelors and Masters of Engineering Degrees in Chemical and Engineering Management, with certificates in Systems Design and Project Management. She is a former Banking Product Manager and Program Manager, as well as a Custom Cake – Personal Baker.
She is a mom of 2 children, raising her multi-cultural family in Montclair, New Jersey. Her passion for history, cultures, and food led her to collaborate with her son’s preschool to start what’s become, One Love Cultured Kids (One Love). She believes that you are never too young or old to learn about our past and celebrate differences; to create a more equitable future.

Chelsea Hayes, Founding Member

Chelsea was born in New Jersey and raised internationally. She is currently settled in Montclair, where she raises her multi-cultural and diverse family. Chelsea is currently an education consultant for a vendor in the NYC DOE. An enthusiast of culture, people and early education, it was an easy transition to help create and facilitate One Love Cultured Kids. 
Chelsea believes in the value of community, experiences and cultivating meaningful relationships. One Love Cultured Kids embraces our cultural similarities and differences in a safe space.

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Part of One Love’s mission is to help our young learners see themselves as important members of their community, capable of driving positive change. As such, meaningful partnerships are a key ingredient.

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  • I am grateful to be part of this wonderful organization that celebrates cultures. As a Colombian, this experience has been a true awakening to what I knew of cultures. It has broaden my perspective on inclusion, bias and inequity. I have a greater appreciation for the importance of diversity in education

    Daniela – Volunteer

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